Oh Manhattan! Aggieville entertainment

Shopping Aggieville- Acme Gift

The state’s first shopping and entertainment district in the heart of Manhappiness is always hoppin’ with lovely shops, local restaurants and music performances that enliven the area as an invigorating source of enjoyment for residents and visitors.

Dining joints

Unique eating venues set the tone for the ’Ville’s vibrancy. Taco Lucha’s pastel plates arouse diners’ senses … not to mention their palates. Across from campus, Coco Bolos’ robust platters send patrons into dining nirvana with kicky Stacked Enchiladas. Pop The Bird down your gullet at So Long Saloon, the ’Ville’s old-school tavern with an ode to 1960s Nashville when Cash was king. Lip-smacking The Bird is a marinated chicken breast topped with guac, pepper jack cheese and b-l-t on Texas Toast. Yummm!

More refined tastes may opt for the traditional Rock-A-Belly Deli, a Manhattan institution with sun-splashed, high-backed booths sometimes frequented by Bill Murray. Locals are brazen about the ham-and-turkey-splashed Belly Buster with Swiss and American cheeses, while K-State students go wacky for the Western piled high with roast beef and ham plus socked with melted cheddar cheese.

One-stop shopsAggieville shopping stops

Your breezy shopping stops center in Aggieville shops, where Acme Gift sells treasured souvenirs of your dose of Manhappiness. The Thread prints themed t-shirt favorites like Harry Potter, KC Royals and plenty of purple! Varsity Donuts hits the high notes for K-State students and visitors, too, with the delish Bacon Bar and more sensations like Fat Tire doughnuts.

To the 'Ville!

Aggieville bars are the central focus for many celebrations, whether acing an exam or sipping suds after a Wildcat touchdown. Active nightlife is everywhere 'round the 'Ville. Kite's and Tubby's spotlight the weekend dance action, and pop into Auntie Mae's, O'Malley's Alley and The Hat for live music. Catch all the Wildcats' games from Johnny Kaw's or Tanner's. 

Memories are made in Manhappiness, and the 'Ville is the celebration magnet.