Widgets Family Fun

Arcade games at Widgets

Family-style entertainment features laser tag & more

Soar to new heights at Widgets Family Fun. Explore your own extraordinary adventure with Waldo Widget and daughter Wendy. Manhattan’s own unique, family-owned fun center has unceasing levels of enjoyment with five attractions to transport the visitor into a joy-filled state of enthusiasm. Main play features at Widgets are categorized into five play areas:

Arcade games
Features best combat and racing games along with classic games. Winning tickets rewarded with exciting prizes.

Ball-and-blast your way through the towering Ballocity with four levels of fun and foam (balls) and ball fountain. Don’t forget your socks!

Laser Tag
Exhilarate to the max with radiant colors, amazing props, lighting effects and vibrant music, as you’ll seek hiding spots among the two-story, maze-like arena!

Mini Bowling
Bowling experience that far exceeds your Wii home component, as young children can learn the sport within miniature, interactive setting. Knock ’em down!

Virtual Reality
Check out their newest attraction! More than 10 games available to play on their Virtual Reality Attraction. 

You'll find Widgets at 8232 South Port Drive, 1 mile east of the Big Blue River bridge, Hwy 24 (E. Poyntz Avenue in Manhattan).

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