Flint Hills Discovery Center

20120405_CVB_133- Flint Hills Discovery 4.jpgFlint Hills Discovery Center is a dynamic tribute to the 10,000 square miles of tallgrass prairie of the geologic Flint Hills that envelop Manhattan. Each exhibit area within the Discovery Center has an interactive component to enrich the learning experience. Your visit starts in the Immersive Experience Theater and the multimedia "Tallgrass Prairie: Tides of Time," descriptively enhanced through sights, sounds and innovative effects.
  • Massive 60-foot, 120-degree concave screen brings prairie experience to life with colorfully-presented panache.
  • Three-story structure contains more than 7,000 sq.ft. exhibit space.
  • Striking beauty of Flint Hills unfolds around rich history that begs for discovery. On the rooftop, take in the panorama of Manhattan; gaze east to the majestic Kansas River and beyond to Prospect Hill (K-S letters), and southward to set your sights on the Flint Hills of central North America.

What's happening at FHDC

  • Dream With Da Vinci: On the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci's legacy-filled life, celebrate his life accomplishments. Dream
  • AIB Int'l Food First: One hundred year tradition built on science, innovation and quality food management practices. Food First
Da Vinci Day (Saturday, August 24)
  • 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.: The expansive, renaissance world of Leonardo da Vinci. Music, performers, crafts and science. Explore the dynamics of da Vinci in the Milan of the Midwest, Manhattan, Kansas!

Immersive Experience Theater 

Introductory 15-minute presentation plays each half-hour (7 times; 5 showings Sundays & 10/Thursdays); included with admission. Horizon Ranch Flint Hills Immersive Experience Theater 

Blue Earth Plaza

Beautiful, green park space perfect for family picnic and right outside FHDC doors. Enjoy outdoor fireplace. Watch fountains dance, accompanied by music and lights. Both the Discovery Center and Blue Earth Plaza are available to rent. Blue Earth Plaza is home to the month-long Festival of Lights tree lighting celebration and begins the day after Thanksgiving.
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