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Life in the Little Apple

20121113_cvb_058 thumb.jpgThe charm of Manhattan is attributed in large part to the small town feel of an enlarging community. That's only part of it. The naturally aesthetic beauty of the rolling Flint Hills leaves our guests enraptured with the uniqueness of a sunset on the plains or with the gathering clouds and awe-inspiring power of a spring thunderstorm.

Combined with the natural landscape and endless options for outdoor enthusiasts, Manhattan provides entertainment opportunities abound to keep savvy travelers occupied with exciting activities.

Recreational trails, 28 public parks, Tuttle Creek State Park, Sunset Zoo, art museums, and seasonal options with K-State sports and more. With so many attractions, Manhattan has become a robust center of tourism for north-central Kansas. 

For residents and visitors more inclined to relaxing options, Manhattan offers art galleries, history museums, guided walking tours, performance series, plays, concerts, fine dining and much, much more.

Discover the voluminous attractions Manhattan has to offer: